Truman (reborn) - Jeremy Dutton

On a gloomy day, a woman appears nearly overcome with emotion as she walks towards an unknown destiny. In her apartment, the woman slices and devours fruit upon fruit until one abruptly transports her, interrupting an unseen grief.⁠

I’m drawn to the act of eating - it’s primal,  at times gruesome, and undeniably physical. You take a bite, plum juice leaks from the corner of your mouth, drips down through your fingers, and lands in the crevices of your hand. Remnants leave a stickiness on your skin even after you try to clean it - I hope this video stays with you the same way.

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Truman (reborn) was honored to be selected by Nowness Asia as part of its 2023 year-end Staff Pick.


我一直都被「吃東西」這個舉動吸引 - 它是個很動物性的、凌亂的事情,它也始終是個很本能的舉動。當我們心痛到什麼事情都無法好好思考時,這個最根本的行為變得不容小覷。咬一口李子,李子的果汁從嘴角滲出,沿著手指流下,停至手裡的各個角落。就算你試圖清理他,你的手還是會殘餘著黏黏的觸感 - 希望這部影片會以相似的方式留在你身邊。

這支影片很榮幸地在 Nowness Asia 首播,並參與專訪。同時,Truman (reborn) 被 Nowness Asia 選為 2023 年末精選之一。

Cast: Fujiwara Nozomi, Vance Wu
Director: Anna Kuo
DP: Roger JC Lee
1st AC: Matt Huang
2nd AC: Ting-Yu Chung
Gaffer: Syue Wang
Best Boy: Bo-Lin Yao
Production Designer: Esther Veronin
Art Assistant: Skyler Lin
Stylist: Miyabi Shuu
Production Assistant: Wei Li
Driver: Joe Wu
Editor: Dora Tsai
VFX: Cooper Vacheron
Colorist: Roger JC Lee
Special Thanks: Lash Fan, Cooper Vacheron, Peter Rosati, Evan Yee, Lauren Cabanas