Redwood - Edison Moth


Redwood is an attempt in capturing the liminal quality of 5am, when the sun hints at its arrival and most people are still asleep. It’s the time of day that requires nothing of you, liberates you of obligations. The quiet hour amplifies the minutiae of our surroundings, what is normally neglected comes into focus: morning dew on car hoods, ants walking along the gap on the floor, a moth stuck between a window and a screen.

The DP Roger and I played with different uses of closeups for this project. We framed things out of context, let straight lines meet with the curves of a different object to form its own shape. A clean slate to see what’s in front of us not for its purpose, but for its presence.

Longlisted for 1.4 On The Cusp Award, featured on

Cast: Young Park
Director: Anna Kuo
DP: Roger JC Lee
Producer: Evan Yee
Gaffer: Cassi Mulcahy
Key Grip: Sam Kim
Set Dresser: Hannah Carpenter
VFX: Cooper Vacheron
Color: Roger JC Lee